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Once you decide to change your thoughts, in order to change your life, you have triggered an automatic brain response that will change the way you now perceive certain things. Whatever change you decide you're going to make, whether a personal life goal, personal career goal, or smart personal goal, the decision to make this change will allow you to now begin seeing things that were not perceptible before.

If you have focused on just one of your dreams, say playing the guitar, you will begin perceiving things about guitars that you never saw before.
 When you decide to make serious personal life changes, your brain will begin making these new connections. 

Since your brain is now making new connections, you are about to go on a new journey. If you set your expectations to something you really want to experience, you'll begin seeing more things that are connected to your expectations. Now you have made a commitment, and you're already gravitating toward something.

To truly grow personally, you have to improve your awareness of certain things going on around you. The only way to make that happen is by setting your personal goals. You see, these goals will make you focus on
 certain things you didn't recognize before.

You didn't recognize them because they didn't interest you, but now that you have set a goal, you have increased your brains awareness of something new, so it's constantly searching for anything related to your new personal goal. 


When we decide on a goal, we will automatically start tuning in to things that are relevant to the goal we chose. It's much like tuning into a radio or TV station. There are thousands of broadcast frequencies out in cyber space that we're unaware of until we tune our radio or TV to a particular dial setting or channel. 

When the setting coincides with the frequency that a transmitter is broadcasting at, we can then hear or see this information. Setting a goal works in a similar fashion. It basically tells our mind that we want information that is relevant to our goal, and we suddenly have tuned in to everything around us that has something to do with the achievement of our new goal! It's a rather phenomenal function of the brain.      

I would seriously recommend that you first pick a personal goal that is something you really want, and would be a fun goal to tackle, before you select one of you major personal goals.

This will give you a chance to go through the entire goal setting process for the first time, and get to know the "process" and have some fun with it. Once you do this, and achieve that first goal, you'll be able to confront and conquer any personal goal you wish, no matter how challenging!!

The "process" that I show you in my workbooks and e-books really works, if you go through each step and follow the plan as outlined! I also don't want you to get this "process" confused with what most people call setting goals, and they're nothing more than daily planners, or "to-do lists" that they have on their phones or planners. To-do lists are fine as daily reminders but they're not intended for achieving the major goals in your life.  

If you really want to set and accomplish some major personal goals in your life, then a phone or planner is not going to get it done. Or, if you're not sure which personal goals you need to begin working on, then our "process" will show you which goals you should se setting! 

We can show you how to write goals, set goals, achieve goals, write smart goals, and how to set personal goals. We also have a special desire for helping students and teachers to set their goals and accomplish them. Also, the workbook contains worksheets for your employee and workplace goal setting needs.

Ever wonder why successful companies and successful people always seem to be on top, whether it's personal or business results? It's because they have learned how to achieve goals a long time ago. Probably someone in the corporate world taught them this art, because it's not taught in any public school system.

They know they have to do this every year, at least once a year, to stay up with the competition. If major companies do this planning process every year, don't you believe it's the only way you're going to stay in the race, on a personal level? 

If you want to ensure that you are setting the right goal and be guaranteed that you are going to achieve that goal, you need to get a copy of our proven, personalized, and powerful Goal Setting Workbook. It will show you step by step how to unlock goal setting secrets and reveal your hidden potential with simple solutions to discovering what your future has to offer.

I'm not an engineer nor technical writer so I promise that the workbook is written in an easy to follow, and easy to understand manner. It walks you gently through each step of the goal setting "process", which will ensure that all your goals will be achieved. Once you go through the process one time, you might refer back to it from time to time as a guide, but you will probably no longer need it when setting goals, for the rest of your life.

If you need help setting and achieving smart personal goals, you're at the right place. Without going through a specific goal setting "process", most goals will fail. By using the process we recommend for setting goals, you'll then have the knowledge to set any goal. 

 My Mission statement is, “Dedicated to Helping People Achieve their Goals”


Any great work of art requires a vision and a plan, and setting personal goals is no different. The end result will be portrayed in the finished product, and that would be your personal goal. Our new goal setting workbook will help you set and achieve smart personal goals, and any other goal as well.

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