Setting Personal Goals Can Change Your Life!

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Setting Personal Goals is the only way to achieve your dreams!

Setting Personal goals must be accompanied by a written plan.

It's extremely important to realize that no matter how well we show you how to set and achieve any goal you wish, if you don't use these tools, your goals will not be realized.

It's also about "execution", because we can give you the tools but if they're not executed, then the best of plans will fail!        

Personal goals are not something that can be put on someone's to-do list or on their smart phone.

We're talking about life changing goals that require a written plan to be successful! This is the only way you can be assured of achieving any personal goal.

You must learn the total "process" required to set personal goals,to be sure the goal you finally set is the right personal goal for you.
You'll also need some personal goal setting examples to help guide you through this process. We have these examples on several of our pages, so be sure to check them out later.

You should start with a goal setting worksheet as your template, and we'll show you how to get this free goal setting worksheet and make it your own personal worksheet!

You must be sure the personal goal you're going after is the perfect personal goal for you or it won't have the "juice" to get you  excited. Soon we'll show you the "process" that must take place before you set any goal. 


There's a "process" involved in just about everything we do, and especially when setting personal goals. Without the knowledge of how to use this "process" to make changes, there's a good chance that the goals you do set will fail. 

Let's take any sporting event as an example. Before the game each coach has outlined a particular "process", or strategy, for the team to execute, and it's called the "game plan". Each player has been made aware of the plan and is expected to follow it to the letter.

Naturally, the goal in every sporting event is pretty simple, Win the Game!

However, once the opposing coach recognizes the other teams game plan, a defensive "process", or strategy, will be put in place to counter-act their plan.

In effect, they're always trying to set up roadblocks to stop the opposing team, much like the obstacles that show up and cause many of our personal goals to fail. 

This "process" goes back and forth during the entire game and usually the team that has devised the best "processes" wins the game. There is always one "constant" and that's  winning the game, and that NEVER changes!

The point is you must develop a "process" or plan to achieve your personal goals. This plan can be changed periodically as you hit roadblocks, but the personal goals you set must never be abandoned! We'll show you how the "process" works as we move along.

Once you decide to change something in your life you have triggered an automatic brain response that will change the way you now perceive certain things.

Whatever change you think you would like to make, just deciding to make this change will allow you to begin seeing things that were not perceptible before.

You see, you will now begin to focus on something totally different in your life, and the new personal goal you set is the reason for this focus.

This alone will get you excited about what lies ahead. Realizing and achieving just one of your dreams or desires will very soon become your passion.

If you have focused on just one of your dreams, say playing the guitar, the piano, getting a college degree, or anything that ignites a passion in you, you will now begin perceiving things about guitars or pianos or education that you never saw before.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Once you make a true decision, the universe conspires to help you make it happen". As you read on, you'll see exactly why this is true.

Since your brain is now making new connections you are about to go on a new journey. If you set your expectations to something that really excites you, you'll begin seeing more things that are connected to this expectation!

You didn't see these before because they didn't interest you then, but now that you have begun setting personal goals you have increased your brains awareness of something new.

Now it's constantly searching for anything related to your new personal goal.

When we decide to change something we will automatically start tuning in to things that are relevant to the change we wish to make. It's much like tuning into a radio or TV station.

There are thousands of broadcast frequencies out in cyber space that we're unaware of until we tune our radio or TV to a particular dial setting or channel.

When the setting coincides with the frequency that a transmitter is sending out, we can then hear or see this information.

Setting goals works in a similar fashion. It basically tells our mind that we want information that is relevant to our new interest.

Suddenly we begin "tuning in" to everything around us that has something to do with the achievement of our new desire!

It's a rather phenomenal function of the brain!

If you really want to change something in your life, then a phone or planner is not going to get it done. 

Using to-do lists is fine as a daily reminder of things that have to be done, but they're not intended for achieving major personal goals.

The goal setting "process" we mentioned above is a bit too lengthy to include on this page, but can be found in our workbook below or in our e-book titled "Accomplish Your Goals Guaranteed" on Amazon.

You can also find FREE goal setting worksheets on our "goals worksheets examples" page. This is an invaluable tool you'll need as you follow our goal setting process explanation.

If you get a copy of our Goal Setting Workbook, it will walk you through every process, meaning the "now", as the Guest refers to, that must be followed in order to achieve any major goal, dream, or desire.


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